Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong

The Voice of Angel; The Mouth of a Sailor.

Amy Armstrong is the funniest entertainer I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to decide which is stronger; her vocals or her comedy. It’s probably a tie because her singing is always amazing too. Amy has had a rough few years with some medical challenges, which she has overcome with humor, grace and fortitude. There is no one more endearing, more talented or funnier than the gal known for having ‘The Voice of Angel; The Mouth of a Sailor.’ Amy has found her Vallarta family at Nacho Daddy, and the love is everywhere when she takes the stage and shares her comedy, her music and her story.

The Queen of Song and Laugh

This Vallarta Queen of Song and Laughs will thrill you with her voice and hilarious jokes for a night of unforgettable entertainment. And like singer Carly Simon says, “Nobody does it better… ” than Amy Armstrong when it comes to singing or making her audience howl! Amy is our hero as she has triumphed over recent health challenges with courage, reflection and optimism! She’s back with more stories, music and laughter to share!

Amy Armstrong is that unique mix of stand-up comedian and cabaret singer. As an entertainment writer, I get to experience many shows each season, and Amy’s are some of the very best! Her audience loves her and roars with laughter at her spontaneous comedy. All eyes are glued to the stage when Amy sings and entertains. And when the show is over, people always leave with smiles on their faces.